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College Planning

shutterstock_40987054Your Financial Path to College

Financial planning for college has never been more important! With today’s high-cost of education and increasingly competitive job market, you can not afford to take chances with your child’s or grandchild’s education.

We can help you with financial planning for college by developing a college savings plan based on your particular circumstance. We can help you with filing a C.S.S. Profile, and the required Federal FAFSA form, as well as connect you with prep courses for ACT/SAT board exams and effective career planning systems.

Additionally, Horizon Retirement Advisors has a number of other services certain to give any aspiring student the best possible chance of success. This is your chance to educate your child or grandchild about proper financial saving and planning to ensure a comfortable retirement. Make the first step by letting us create a financial plan for your future college student!

for-collegeHere’s What We Do for You:

  • Show you how to understand the financial aid system
  • Analyze your family’s ability to receive financial aid
  • Develop methods and strategies to increase the amount of financial aid
  • Assist in the preparation of many applications for financial aid
  • Guide in the selection of colleges that offer the best education utilizing financial assistance
  • Review all financial aid documents to ensure accuracy and entitlements for financial aid programs
  • Negotiate with the institutions for the most beneficial financial aid package for the family
  • Provide a computer driven, comprehensive college and career planning system


My Husband Larry and I have known Dave now for several years. Dave is funny, smart, kind, and compassionate to his clients. Whether he’s helping them draw up a will or invest in their future he’s top notch. We are thankful to have met him and wish him continued success. Thank you.
Larry & Sherry - Fernely, NV
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My late husband and I first met Dave when he did a seminar in Fallon. We met with Dave and moved our CD’s into annuities. The annuities brought us greater returns, and I thank Dave for leading us in the right direction. I look forward to our annual review appointments where Dave explains everything to me in great detail, which I appreciate. I enjoy speaking to him, and look forward to it every year.
Viola - Fallon, NV
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Dave Mello has been my financial advisor for about 10 years and now I have not a single complaint. What drew me to Dave, was that he is a very personable individual. When I met Dave, I wanted my IRA out of Stock Market harm and to create an investment for my granddaughter’s future education. He did just that and I am very grateful. Dave has also helped me over the years with Medicare Supplemental Insurance, which can sometimes be a big challenge. Thanks Dave!

Phyllis - Reno, NV
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Dave treats all of his clients including myself as if we were all family. I feel as though Dave has gone above and beyond to be very helpful. One of Dave’s great strengths is his knowledge. He’s always made himself accessible to assist me with all of my financial questions. The ease of making himself accessible has been very helpful. What I appreciate most is how he has set up my investments to be passed along to my children.

Shirley - Fernley, NV
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I was referred to Dave by my dear friend Elaine who has been a long time client of Dave’s. Dave has now been a long tome financial advisor for me as well. Now that I am in my 80’s Dave has assisted me in learning more about independent and assisted living communities. I trust Dave is assisting me with my investments. He has kept my money safe from Stock Market losses while I have earned 5% or more per year. I trust Dave and recommend him highly. He has been a joy to work with.

Mary - Reno, NV
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Dave and I have been good friends for many years. When Dave first brought to my attention we should do business together, I was a little skeptical. After listening to his broad knowledge of Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance, I decided I had been won over. I am glad I decided to do business with Dave and am even more happy that I have no out of pocket medical costs per year. Thank you Dave!

Tom - Reno, NV
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Dave has been easy to approach, prompt in his responses to questions and knowledgeable about his products. I can and do unreservedly endorse Dave and his services.

Elwood and Nancy-Reno, NV
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We met Dave about 3 years ago after many friends in our Del Webb community had highly recommended him. He has been a great help in setting up a Living Trust and advising us on our 401k options. Dave is very trustworthy and makes us feel comfortable and confident. We appreciate his ability to communicate in a way that is easily understood.

Bernie - Reno, NV
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Upon moving to Somersett 7 years ago, my neighbors encouraged me to see Dave. He has been my financial advisor since meeting him, and has kept my IRA’s safe from Stock Market risk with what I consider very fair gains. I’ve referred several of my neighbors to Dave and I am grateful to have Dave as my financial advisor.

Joan - Reno, NV
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Dave became my Medicare Supplemental Insurance agent in December 2013. He kept me on the same Medicare Plan F however changed insurance companies, which gave me a savings of over $1,700.00 per year. Naturally when my wife needed insurance, I sent her to see Dave. I’d recommend you schedule an appointment with Dave to evaluate your insurance costs. You might find as I did the saving may be significant. Thank you Dave for putting $1,700.00 back in my pocket!

Mike - Reno, NV
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I first met Dave as as senior advisor in assisting me after my husband became incapacitated. Dave became my financial advisor, helping me with budgeting and skilled nursing expenditures during this time. After the death of my husband, Dave has continued as my financial advisor and he has kept my life savings safe and secure from the stock market while providing me modest returns. Dave has become a trusted friend and I highly recommend his services.

Betty - Reno, NV
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My husband and I received and invitation in the mail from Dave Mello to attend one of his seminars in March of 2008. We attended the seminar regarding investing our money. This was a very informative seminar and we decided to make an appointment with Dave. He was very professional in this meeting and we decided to invest with him. He has always been readily available when we needed him for any questions or concerns we have. We find Dave to be trustworthy and feel comfortable having him manage our investment.

Gene & Marietta - Reno, NV
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In 2009 I met Dave Mello at a financial planning workshop that he hosted at Arlington Gardens. His worksop was very informative and Dave was very personable. Shortly after, I scheduled an appointment with Dave. I have been his client ever since, and we have grown to become friends. I do my best to refer people to Dave whenever I have an opportunity. I feel very comfortable with Dave and trust him with my finances, which I feel is very important.

Dianne - Reno, NV
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We first met Dave over 10 years ago when we attended a workshop of his in Carson City. Ever since that workshop we have happily had Dave as our financial advisor and medical insurance expert. We have recommended several people we know to Dave and he has treated them with the same respect he has us. We will continue to refer people to Dave and appreciate his services greatly.

John & Annabel - Wellington, NV
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We have been working with Dave Mello since 2006. He takes the time to review all the alternatives available when deciding what/where to invest. When the annual reviews come due, he reviews in detail what our previous allocations were and goes into detail what changes (if any) should be made to the allocation percentages for the next period. He also listens carefully to our thoughts and then we come to an agreement.

We look forward to continue to work with Dave in the future.

Dave and Jane - Washoe Valley, NV
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We have been clients of Dave’s since we retired and moved to Reno in 2009. We needed to re-do our trust and re-evaluate our investments. We were looking for a good return without the instability of the stock market. We received what we asked for and more. We consider Dave not only our financial advisor but a friend. We highly recommend you consider Dave for your financial needs.

Steve & Lavona - Reno, NV
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Our corporation has used Dave Mello’s Horizon Senior Advisors for nearly 20 years to proved medical and dental insurance. Dave and his staff have always been attentive to the corporate needs as well as individual employees’ concerns. Excellent customer service is the norm. We are completely satisfied with our business relationship and endorse this business with complete confidence.

Thank you Dave!

Dan and Marcia Sparks - Reno, NV
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Advise Dave has given has provided to be a financial benefit. The investment returns have been excellent. Dave provides easy access to questions I may have. Without a question I recommend Dave and his services.

Elizabeth - Sparks, NV
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We have been clients of Dave’s for about 10 years now. When we came to him know we were wanting the safety of annuities while experiencing growth without the unpredictability of the Stock Market. We have several annuities with Dave and trust him as our financial advisor.

Tom & Gary - Sparks, NV
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David Mello has been extremely helpful with assisting us in preparing our retirement decisions. We are confident that the funds we have accrued throughout our years of employment and inheritance, have been appropriately placed in the correct places to assure that we will have funds to definitely refine.

He is very knowledgeable about the continuing changes and investment options. We recommend him to friends. Thank you for giving us peace of mind.

Ray & Julia - Reno, NV
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Dave has been my financial advisor for many years now. He has helped me with multiple annuities, as well as a reverse mortgage. I have consistently earned over 5% annually on my annuities. What I enjoy most is the stability of my annuity and avoiding Stock Market losses. I feel at ease that come the time of my death, my investments will go strictly to my daughters and no one else. I enjoy working with Dave and recommend him highly.

Elaine, Gardnerville, NV
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When my late husband Dean and I first moved to the Reno area, we searched for a Certified Senior Advisor; and Dave Mello’s name came up in the search results. When we examined his website and credentials described there, we were very impressed and satisfied that we’d found an expert senior advisor in our new environment! From the first appointment when we met Dave, Dean and I knew we’d found the best possible counselor for our retirement investments; and in short time came to regard Dave as “family”! Dave helped manage and direct our lifelong savings and assets in financially prudent directions; and we were amply protected from economic market swings, while safeguarding our principle!

Dave saw us through many of life’s ups-and-downs; and was always at our ready disposal to help us in any way he could, even if just to listen to the common medial challenges seniors face! Dave even went well beyond the call of duty in his professional roles to help Dean an I as we faced Dean’s slow decline from Parkinson’s disease. Ultimately, when Dean passed away, Dave further extended himself to help with the many issues surrounding a loved one’s death, including legal matters; and continues to do so until this day. I highly recommend Dave Mello for your retirement planning, asset management, and other related matters, such as estate oversight and long-term care needs!

Joan, Lincoln, CA
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